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Antonin Game Designer

"We learn and face new challenges every day"

Game Designer
ATM France

Ana - Marketing

"Very happy to learn something new every day. Dynamism, great teamwork and lots of laughs!"

ATM Spain

Joao Game Designer

"We have true creative freedom"

Game Designer
ATM France

Lola Community Manager

"We have a strong team spirit with a real desire to move forward and grow together"

Community Manager
ATM France

Cristo - Marketing

"Diversity and a great team spirit are the core values of ATM Gaming"

ATM Spain

Bella - Marketing

"So delighted to be part of this amazing adventure that is creating games and making people happy and joyful"

ATM Spain

Our Mission

Creating games that will unite people all over the world through humor

Our Culture

We work with creative minds, content creators and technical geniuses who share our vision of bringing valuable games to millions of players all over the world. We want our products and services to be open to use by everyone and especially help spread humor everywhere.

ATM Gaming was founded to encourage complete creative freedom in the work place. It is what keeps our business moving forward with fresh new ideas and innovation.
This creativity includes more than just new products and services, it includes unified efficiency and productiveness. It also helps bring out humor and good vibes, all of which we then pour into our work.

The entirety of ATM Gaming is to bring laughter and light hearted fun to everyone in the world.
We believe that once in a while, it’s good to not take life too seriously.
We aim to put a smile on your face and bring ever lasting memories with the people you love.

ATM gaming uses its diverse team to adapt its games to every target country. We have teams in France, Spain, Germany, USA, and Italy today. In the future we plan to expand to South America and many more places!
We make sure that the content of our games perfectly falls in line with the culture and unique humor of each country, always being sure that we stay respectful.
Having a diverse team has been a huge asset for us since it brings different points of view and with that great knowledge and individual strengths.
Valuing diversity is what ultimately brings us all together.

ATM Gaming, although allows creative freedom and has a super open work environment with freedom to discuss and question, we never fail to highlight the importance of getting all work done within time limits.
For each team members responsibilities are essential in delivering the amazing games we offer today.
Everyone has their own unique tasks to complete throughout the days of work, of which we make sure no one feels overworked or overwhelmed from.

Since our first game launched in 2018, ATM Gaming has been creating and releasing new games ever since.
We plan to reach new segments in 2022 and 2023 and to broader our horizon.

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10 reasons to join us

A company that listens to you. Have a great creativity freedom. Whatever your job is, you can propose and test new ideas. We never blame such things, even if the results are not as good as expected.

Work and create fun products that make millions laugh around the world !

A fast learning environment thanks to coaching from founders coming from the best schools and companies (ESSEC, ESCP, BCG, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson).

A chill working environment, with a young team (average: 25 yo), mixed-sex and international (5 nationalities currently in the Paris office).

Excellent working conditions in luxurious premises in the heart of Paris with a Barista, a rooftop and a gym.

Do you want to create your own business in the future ? You are at the right school. Unlike many start-ups, ATM gaming is 100% self-funded and does not require external investors.

Develop your skills with a company at the cutting edges of e-commerce, digital marketing and social media.

We are a responsible company that makes its products in France or Europe, on certified eco-responsible paper and that donates part of its profits to charities (last year was Les Restos du Coeur).

Our job has a meaning : our mission is to create and commercialize board games and mobile apps which allow players to have a good time.

A lot of activities with the team : for instance, our last seminars were at Majorca, Malaga and Porto.


We choose to produce games in the most environmentally responsible way possible by using FSC-compliant paper and keeping the fabrication as close to us as possible. We want to please you while taking care of the environment by reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

In addition, we also help those who need it most! That’s why, every year, we donate 1% of our profits to charities.

Made in Europe
Eco Responsible

Our Offices

ATM Gaming is an international company. We form a multi-cultural team in order to offer games adapted to all audiences. Little by little, we maintain the complete satisfaction of our games, by reworking them constantly to meet everyones needs.



This is where it all began.
Located in the heart of the capital, our modern offices are hosting the majority of the team.



Under the Spanish sun, our offices welcome a new team and its bright ideas. Second country conquered by our vision of the future of entertainment.



Third team, third country. The German team leads with new proposals and new concepts regularly.

Our Team

ATM Gaming works with a variety of careers (except production) in order to fully cover everything that the creation of the games needs. Each member shares the same values and contributes their knowledge and abilities to complete great projects and maintain our vision.

Game Designers

Game Designers

Our team of Game Designers create the amazing visuals people love and recognize us by today. They are involved with the design and gameplay system. They are what give users an amazing visual and auditory experience while playing the game.
Our game designers are the creative force behind the development of all our games.

Community Managers

Community Manager

Our Community Managers are what bridges the gap between the vision of our company and the people who are driving it. They work on increasing brand and product awareness by finding what our customers want, expect, and need in terms of content, products, services, and support. They also help maintain our fun and inclusive work environment by addressing any issues raised.



Our strong Marketing team serves as the face of our company. By coordinating and producing all contents that represent our business. They consistently contact hundereds influencers, customers, partnerships, etc.. all while creating a positive image that brings light to our company and our vision.



The Tech teams main focus is to give gamers a seamless experience throughout their plays. They are essential to helping us not only solve technical problems but improve the games as a whole.
They analyze how our product compares to what is already available in the market and how to make us stand out virtually.

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